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Offering Peace Of Mind During The Texas Estate Administration Process

When a person dies, their loved ones are faced with the complex and time-consuming task of settling the estate. That involves probating the will, settling any outstanding debts and taxes owed, distributing assets to beneficiaries, filing paperwork with the probate court and much more. This can be difficult and overwhelming for grieving family members who don’t understand the legal process.

We Take The Stress Out Of Settling Your Loved One’s Estate

At 713-574-7777, our Houston attorneys can guide you through the process and ensure your loved one’s estate is settled correctly. We make the process simple and convenient for beneficiaries, executors and administrators.

When a loved one dies and you are already overwhelmed emotionally, the last thing you need is to deal with a complicated and stressful legal process. We are here to take some of that weight off of your shoulders and handle the more difficult parts of probate for you.

We often assist with the following:

  • Locating and validating the will
  • Securing assets and obtaining appraisals
  • Settling debts and taxes
  • Preparing and filing paperwork with the court
  • Distributing assets to the appropriate beneficiaries

Resolving Disputes

We also represent heirs, beneficiaries and family members in estate-related disputes. If you wish to contest a will or asset designation, we can help

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