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Texas Day Care Injury and Abuse Case Lawyers

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Personal Injury

Has your child been seriously injured or abused at a Day Care? We are terribly sorry that you have had to go through this experience and you have had to endure the heartache of caring for an injured child. This can be a very uncertain time for most people and we understand if you are worried about your child’s future. Please allow us to help you through your ordeal to get the justice that you and your child deserves. When you are looking for results, call The Bowen Law Firm, PLLC today at 713-574-7777 for a free consultation.

Get the Results You Deserve

When we fight for justice, we are giving you the support you need to get the financial compensation for your injuries. This financial compensation is likely going to be collected from the liable parties’ insurance company. They are going to be the ones responsible for covering all of your child’s damages and injuries.

When we consider the value of someone’s case, we need to know a lot of different factors.

Something that is extremely important for us to know before we can tell you the value of your case is status and nature of your child’s medical recovery; both physical and emotionally.  Sometimes children receive the treatment that they need and they get back to full health within a few months and other times they end up with a lifetime of pain and suffering because of their injuries.

Your child’s compensation award gets broken down into two categories. Your economic damages are all of your money losses. That could include losing money from having to miss work, paying medical bills and hospital bills etc.

Your non-economic damages are all the ways in which your child’s life has been negatively affected by the injury or abuse. Your child may need to be evaluated by a professional expert and we can assist you in making such arrangements

Case Process

Every personal injury case against a Day Care Center, including slip and fall cases, begins at the scene of the incident. There may be important evidence at the scene and you should take photos and document as much as you can as soon as you can.  Photos and videos of the scene is going to be needed to establish the Day Care’s responsibility You may also be able to collect contact information from witnesses as well as the accident Report from the Day Care.  Be sure to report any Incident to the Day Care and insist that a written Report be prepared and a copy forwarded to you and the State.  The Day Care knows where to send the Report but parents should always request that a Report be filed.

Be sure to take your child to an emergency room or urgent care facility to document any injuries and get treatment for the injuries. After you get your child medical attention and you have collected the evidence, reach out to our Texas Day Care lawyers for a free consultation by calling 713-574-7777.

Getting the Representation You Deserve

When you are faced with a challenge like this, you deserve to have someone fighting by your side to ensure that the insurance company does not try to get away with anything less than full compensation. You need someone with you to fight and advocate for your child. These cases can be complicated and you need a lawyer on your side that cares about getting a fair resolution for your child.

We will never ask you for money up front. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not receive money unless we collect compensation for your child and at that point, we receive a portion of the money we collect. You never have to worry about not being able to afford a lawyer when you have our lawyers fighting for you.

We handle everything so you do not have to worry about what needs to be done next on your case. You will always be able to stay informed but never have to take on the day-to-day stress of your case.

Call us today at 713-574-7777 to set up your first free consultation and get to know your child’s rights.

Act Quickly

In Texas you are held to a statute of limitations of two years. The term statute of limitations refers to the amount of time in which you have after your child’s incident to file a lawsuit. Gathering evidence and getting medical treatment is far and above the most important thing that you can do for your child. The next most important thing that you can do is getting the right lawyer for your child’s case.

Whatever you do, do not give a recorded statement to the Day Care Center’s insurance company. No matter how nice and caring the adjuster seems, he or she is not your friend. The adjusters job is to create confusion, misstatements, admissions, and other information that they case use to limit your compensation. Their job depends on it.  Instead, contact us and we will deal with the adjuster appropriately. Let The Bowen Law Firm, PLLC talk to them for you.  Call 713-574-7777 today.