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Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2023 | Personal Injury

Were you seriously injured in an accident in Texas on a motorcycle? We are terribly sorry you’ve had to go through this type of pain and suffering as these injuries are often life-changing. We are here to help guide you through your case every step of the way to ensure that you get the results that you are entitled to. If you want justice after your injuries call our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers today and set up a free consultation. You don’t have to let the insurance company get away with shorting you of what you deserve. Let The Bowen Law Firm, PLLC fight for your justice. 

How a Motorcycle Accident Case Works

Every personal injury case including motorcycle crashes begin at the scene. Immediately after the collision happens there will be a tremendous amount of evidence. For us to have a successful case we need evidence. If you are physically capable of staying on the scene to collect evidence, we strongly suggest that you do so. If not, you can have someone else come onto the scene for you and collect the evidence on your behalf. The things that we need are videos and photos of everything. We want photos and videos of the entire scene from many angles as well as both vehicles involved. Take photos and/or video of your motorcycle as well. Other evidence that you can collect could be contact information from witnesses. Oftentimes witnesses to the accident are very helpful in building your case.

It is especially important for you to make sure that getting medical attention is the first thing that you do after leaving the scene. We want you to do so because your injuries are probably being masked by adrenaline and we know that if you don’t get to the doctor right away your condition can worsen. These are terrible things for you to have to experience so going to the emergency room or an urgent care center is going to be an absolute must for you immediately following your motorcycle crash.

If you don’t seek medical attention right away, then the insurance company will become suspicious that you lied about how badly you were hurt or lied about where you got your injuries to begin with. We want to avoid giving the liable parties insurance company any reason to doubt your claim.

After you have addressed any medical concerns, we hope that you contact our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers right away. You need to make sure that you do this in a timely manner as you are being held to a statute of limitations in Texas.

In Texas you were given two years from the date of your motorcycle crash in which you can file your claim. If you attempt to file your claim after this deadline then you will be turned away and you will not be able to receive any justice for your damages and injuries. We do not want you to have to go through all of this pain and suffering then be told no when you try to seek justice, so acting quickly after your accident will be essential to your case’s success.

Getting Full Compensation

When we say we are pursuing justice we are doing so in the form of monetary damages or financial compensation. This is our avenue of relief after you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident. It is essential that you work with Texas motorcycle accident lawyers if you want to ensure the best possible result for your case. Not every lawyer is going to be as dedicated to your case as our lawyers will be. We are experienced motorcycle accident attorneys and understand these types of cases. We do not want you to miss out on the opportunity of a full compensation award.

Your compensation award will be calculated based on your economic and non-economic damages.

Your economic damages are all of the ways in which you have lost money since being involved in a motorcycle crash. This could include money loss from having to miss time at work, paying medical bills as well as property damage to your motorcycle. If your motorcycle had to be scrapped you are entitled the value of your motorcycle at the time of the crash.

Your non-economic damages refer to all of the ways the quality of your life has been reduced. When you are up against a life-changing injury your life is likely going to be less enjoyable. We fight for you to get compensation for all the ways in which your life has been negatively impacted.

We will be able to give you a full understanding of all of your damages as soon as you reach maximum medical recovery. The term maximum medical recovery refers to how soon and how much you are expected to improve during your treatment process. Sometimes you will reach maximum medical recovery after a few months while other people will never reach the health that they were before their motorcycle crash.

If a lawyer were to tell you that they can guarantee a compensation award for you during your first consultation with them, then you should really reconsider hiring them to represent you. These compensation awards are impossible to calculate in the initial conversation. We will work closely with you and the insurance company to fully investigate your case to ensure you are compensated fully and fairly.

Our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers will be fighting tirelessly to ensure that we get you the results you deserve. There will be a period of negotiation with the insurance company. Often, they will come to us with a settlement offer early on but almost every single time they do it is going to be less than what you are entitled to. With that being said, we will continue to go back-and-forth with them until we reach a settlement award that fully and fairly represents every damage that you have had to suffer because of the liable party.

To get started on the path to justice call 713-574-7777 right away and set up a free consultation. The Bowen Law Firm, PLLC wants to fight for you and provide you with the same support we’ve given to those who have had successful cases with us before.

Challenges We May Face

When you are pursuing justice for your case more often than not you are going to end up facing challenges. We want you to understand that you will never have to face the challenge alone as long as our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers are guiding you through your case.

Going back and forth with the liable party’s insurance company can be a challenging and we do not expect you to tackle this on your own, we have a lot of experience dealing with insurance companies even when they are attempting to reduce your compensation or throw away your case at every chance they get. This will likely start with the insurance company trying to get you to give them a recorded statement. If they are successfully in getting a recorded statement, then they can effectively ruin your case.

We do not want them to take advantage of you. It is so important that you do not give them a recorded statement. When they have a recorded statement from you, they can and will attempt to use your own words against you. This is a common mistake many people make before they talk to a lawyer and find out later that they should not have. Insurance companies may appear to be on your side, but oftentimes they are trained to do everything in their power to diminish your claim and offer an extremely low settlement that is not fair to you.

You are also going to be facing challenges simply because you rode a motorcycle and got into an accident. There tends to be a bias against motorcyclists.

While it is less common for us to end up in court and on trial, it is still important that you retain an experienced Texas motorcycle accident attorney who is on your side and understands the challenges you are facing. In the event your case does go to trial, we want to be able to show the jury that the liable party was in fact responsible for causing your accident and injuries and it was not you simply because you were on a motorcycle. The Bowen Law Firm, PLLC is prepared to fight for your justice every step of the way.  Call 713-574-7777 now to get the process started.

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